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Rose Festival in Bulgaria

The Rose Festival in Bulgaria is the most fragrant festival that you can go to when visiting Bulgaria because Bulgaria has a long history of harvesting roses and the annual Rose Festival, this colorful and fragrant celebration, is about the old tradition of harvesting this flower and its varieties. It is and shows you what introduced the people of this country to the world and encouraged them to choose the fascinating tours of this country, if you are looking for an experience that will introduce you to the culture and customs of Bulgaria, as well as to the history. To make it closer, it is better to visit the Rose Festival near Kazanlak and the Rose Valley of this historic European country and have a better and more memorable trip ahead by using the information that our site provides.

Excursion in the Rose Valley is a glimpse into the authentic spirit of Bulgaria and makes it a special place for its guests.


Get to know the Bulgarian Rose Festival

When it’s time to harvest roses in Bulgaria, the Rose Valley, an area 200 km from Sofia, welcomes a celebration and its opening, the Rose Festival, a traditional event in the city of Karlovo, as well as in Kazanlak, another city in The region of the Rose Valley is held and Bulgarian people as well as foreigners from all over the country participate in the Rose Festival in this valley, not only do people in both cities celebrate the tradition of rose oilers, but at the end a young girl is chosen as the queen. done to show this custom well to everyone.


Bulgarian rose oil has fascinated women for centuries because of its powerful properties to keep the skin fresh. In Bulgaria, the Rose Valley is the center of roses, and it is harvested from mid-May and lasts for about three weeks, then time It is suitable for getting the scent of roses and preparing oil and products related to it.

This act is a traditional task of Bulgarian women, because it requires precision and care and delicate fingers, women usually leave the house very early at the beginning of this ceremony and start their work at 4 in the morning, and when the scent of Bulgarian flowers is at its highest The limit is in the air, they pick the blossoms and put them in the basket by 10am and the woman who picks the first flower puts it behind her ear as an ornament. It is important to pick Bulgarian roses early, as they lose about half of their oil when this is done in the afternoon.

Rose Festival in Karlovo

Karlovo is a city with a long history of producing rose oil in Bulgaria, on May 31 and June 1, people traditionally celebrate the Rose Festival in this city, which dates back to the early 20th century, streets, windows, balconies are decorated with Beautifully decorated with many roses, boys and girls walk the streets with smiles, handing out baskets of red flowers to passers-by and inviting them to join in the celebration, now the Rose Festival in Karlovo welcomes people with a wide variety of folk songs and dances and it is interesting to know that the Rose Queen has been elected since 1990 and rose plantations have been increasingly expanded and new varieties of roses have been created with higher production, rose oil Bulgaria is exported to cosmetic companies, in Karlovy Vary from it for the production of a number of cosmetic products in the “Bulgarian Rose” company.It is used, this rose festival is one of the most important celebrations in the municipality of Karlovo, which is dedicated to the beauty, spring flowers and the fragrance of the precious flowers of Karlovo, and at the same time, on the day of the celebration, the city is full of beauty, good spirit, dancers, songs and lovely fragrance. It’s Rose, the festival begins with the ritual of picking roses in the rose fields outside the city of Karlovo, the dance of this celebration is an authentic dance that has been performed since the past with the participation of amateur folk musicians from the municipality of Karlovo and lovely melodies. A brass band can be heard and people are greeted with ritual bread and bouquets of wild geraniums, folk dances enliven the streets where stalls offer local handicrafts and rose products.

Rose Festival in Kazanlak

Kazanlak is another important place for the Rose Festival, the people of this region celebrate not only the rose but also fertility, this festival in Kazanlak is a weeks-long event, until June 5th, the first stage of the festival is the selection of the queen. is rose, then various other actions are performed, which often include setting up exhibitions with photos, etc., that show the living conditions of people in Rose Valley and the importance of rose essential oil production for the local people, in addition, the beautiful nature and places with Other national importance such as Shipka Monastery, Shipka Historical Monument and Museum, as well as the communist monument on Bezolza peak are located nearby for history buffs and tourists, which are also mentioned among the places of interest in Bulgaria.

Rose Museum in Kazanlak

During your visit to the Rose Valley and Rose Festival in Bulgaria, you can visit the Rose Museum in Kazanlak, this museum has a rich collection of objects, images and documents that reveal the history of the Bulgarian rose, these exhibitions are located in 14 sections. and there you can see the rich tradition of Bulgarian rose oil production and export, you can also see tools for rose garden gardening, containers for storing rose water and oil, also in the middle of the museum you will be able to see the primitive distillation of rose watch.

How to access and the best time to visit the Rose Festival

If you want to know how you can go to Rose Valley, make sure that from abroad, depending on the country of origin and the choice of your travel agency, the most suitable option is to take a plane to Sofia, which is about three hours away by train. choose Varna or Burgas if possible so that you can go to Rose Valley from these cities, if you feel adventurous you can go there by bus, train and car rental and try to go there from May to June Travel to this country from May to July so that you can see this festival closely and participate in it.

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