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Dubai Global Village

“Global Village Dubai” or “Global Village Dubai” is a large and multicultural theme park that has 26 pavilions from 80 different cultures and includes a large number of shows and concerts, shopping centers, restaurants, etc. In the carnival section, you can also use about 31 exciting games, 25 skill-based games, as well as hundreds of digital games. In addition to the fact that entering the village requires buying a ticket, you also have to pay a separate amount for each of its games.

The Global Village is only held during certain months of the year and therefore, one of the busiestSights of DubaiIt is during the autumn and winter season (from October to April) and it gives you a great opportunity to get to know different cultures and traditions.

Where is Dubai Global Village?

  • Address: United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Exit 37 Sheikh Mohammed Zayed Road, Dubailand.

Dubai Global Village is located at the exit 37 of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road in Dubailand. It is 20 minutes by car from Dubai Marina and 25 minutes from downtown Dubai.

Access to Dubai Global Village

  • Bus: You can easily reach the Global Village by bus. Buses depart from four routes, which include Route 102 from Rashidiya Metro Station, Route 103 from Union Metro Station, Route 104 from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station. ) and route 106 from “Mall of Emirates Metro Station” (Mall of Emirates Metro Station). Many hotels also provide buses to the Global Village for their guests.
  • Taxi: Using Karim, Uber and RTA taxis, you can go to the Global Village from anywhere in the city.

In the Dubai World Village, you can also visit different parts on foot and go on a water tour using the “Ebra” electric boats provided by the RTA company.

Introducing Dubai Global Village

Global Village is an annual event that brings together the city’s best entertainment, shopping, dining and other attractions under one roof. Popular among international tourists, this theme park has hosted nearly 90 million visitors since its opening in 1997, ranking among the top four entertainment destinations globally in terms of average daily visits.

In 2020, Dubai Global Village set a record in Guinness; When a virtual concert was held to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this attraction. The “Rockin’ 1000 Global Gig” concert is considered the largest virtual rock concert in the history of the world.

Every year, new entertainment and attractions are added to this village, and this diversity delights tourists; For example, in 2022, a helium balloon 61 meters high and 20 meters wide is supposed to show visitors a 360-degree view of the entire global village. This balloon can accommodate more than 20 people at the same time and in this way, it will become a new attraction on the city skyline. In addition, tourists can enjoy high-quality 5G network connection outdoors. It has been announced that the theme park will soon become the world’s first 5G-enabled entertainment destination, meaning enthusiasts will have extensive access to many of the latest technologies.

History of Dubai Global Village

Dubai Global Village first started in January 1997 as a small project and part of the Dubai Shopping Festival. This village was initially built as several small pavilions with the theme of different countries. In the first season, about 500,000 people visited it, which showed the success of the collection, and thus, its development was on the agenda.

In the 23rd village season, which was held in 2019-2018 and for 166 days, the number of visitors reached more than 7,000,000 people. The transaction of this theme park in the collection of 23 seasons has amounted to 13 billion dirhams.

Global Village was initially located in front of Dubai Municipality and then moved to a new location near Wafi City shopping mall. After five years, its location was changed again and moved to the current location at the exit of 37 Sheikh Zayed Road with an area of ​​about 1,600,000 square meters. One of the important factors in choosing this place can be considered easy access using public transportation.

The purpose of the formation of the global village was to show the whole world in miniature and in a small size. In this way, the art, culture and cuisines of different countries were collected in one place, which included all the countries of the Middle East, North Africa, Central Africa, Europe and America.

Different parts of Dubai Global Village

Dubai World Village consists of different sections which include pavilions, events and shows, carnival and dining.

Pavilions of Dubai World Village

There are 26 pavilions in the Dubai Global Village representing a large number of countries from around the world. These booths include the countries of Turkey, Pakistan, Yemen, Europe, Iran, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, India, Egypt, America, Jordan, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Syria, Thailand, Japan, Africa, South Korea, China, Balkan countries, UAE United Arab Emirates and… In 2022, a number of new booths will be opened in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Brunei, Laos, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Qatar, Oman and the Philippines.

Cultural shows are one of the attractions of these booths. At the same time, local artisans display their skills and talents in the field of wooden handicrafts, handwoven fabrics, etc. live. The place of supply of traditional foods, spices, dried fruits, etc. are also considered attractive parts that you should not miss. If you wish, you can allocate a part of your travel expenses to shopping in this village; In particular, you will find fascinating art, clothing, accessories and jewelry, and a variety of goods from different countries and cultures. Finally, there are many attractive sights and exciting characters in this village that you should capture in your camera frame forever.

  • Iran Pavilion: This pavilion is one of the most beautiful pavilions of the Global Village and looks more like a real historical palace than an exhibition. Extremely good and high-quality products are offered for purchase in this place, which are mostly edible; However, precious stones and handicrafts are also visible among them.
  • Yemen Pavilion: This pavilion is full of colorful, bustling shops and street stalls with a variety of traditional foods. Yemen produces one of the world’s best known honeys, often compared to New Zealand manuka honey.
  • Marrakesh stall: In this place you can try different types of cardamom flavored coffee which have a wonderful taste.
  • Indian pavilion: This pavilion is one of those places that leave a lasting impression on visitors; Because by visiting its traditional markets, you will see the special goods of each region of this country and you can get to know more about this mystical land of ancient civilizations and cultures.
  • Africa Pavilion: This lively pavilion is located next to the Egypt Pavilion. African stalls offer a variety of traditional products including colorful wicker baskets, traditional wooden souvenirs, leather goods, drums and handicrafts. You will also have the chance to enjoy unique delicious foods from every corner of this continent.
  • Turkey booth: During your visit to the Global Village, be sure to go to the Turkey booth and buy different handicrafts from this country, such as glassware and traditional Anatolian ceramics. Then treat yourself to delicious Turkish food in its crowded markets.
  • Pakistan booth: while getting to know the rich culture and tradition of this country, you will have the opportunity to visit among the booths of leather goods, cotton and silk fabrics, traditional artifacts, Balochi clothes, etc. Next, try chaat, sweets, samosas, lassi and other Pakistani foods to relieve fatigue.

Dubai Global Village eateries

There are many food options from cafes and restaurants to street food and… in the Global Village.

  • Restaurants: In the restaurants of the global village, you can try a variety of local and international dishes from different countries.
  • Cafes: Cafes serve a variety of hot and cold drinks, cakes, etc., and are considered a good choice for relieving fatigue and renewing energy.
  • Street foods: these foods also have many fans and are often from Turkey, Italy and Tokyo.
  • Floating market: This market is another option for you to taste seafood; Especially since you will be able to order Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malaysian and other Asian delicacies.
  • Railway Market: This market is inspired by the most popular railway market in Bangkok, Thailand. With all kinds of ice cream, sweets, chocolates, desserts and cakes, this market is a dream place for sweets lovers.
  • Indian chat bazaar: All the food in this bazaar is in the form of sandwiches, samosas, rolls and dosas (a type of Indian pancake).
  • Shadi Street:  It is not without reason that they named this street Shadi; Because anyone who steps into it, a smile will appear on their lips. Foods on Shadi Street are only cheesy and include cheesy potatoes, cheesy pizza, mac and cheese, etc. This street has recently gained more space and a new design, and you will have more space to discover all kinds of street food.
  • Celebration Street: In Celebration Street you can enjoy street food along with happy celebrations that will keep you entertained. Foods such as fried potatoes, baklava frappe and fried chicken sandwich are among the best options to order.

Other parts of Dubai Global Village

In 2022, the number of information counters will increase throughout the village, and you will see renovated prayer rooms and vending machines at the entrances. In addition, so that visitors do not have to carry their belongings for the entire duration of the tour, the number of lockers has been significantly increased.

Peter Rabbit Adventure Zone

“Peter Rabbit Adventure Zone” started as a new attraction in 2021 and will be active in 2022. This old cartoon character is still alive in the hearts of children, and today, Little Peter, along with his friends Lily Bobtail and Squirrel Nutkin, have built homes for themselves in Dubai Global Village.

  • Mr. Rabbit Cafe: Here you can drink a hot cup of coffee and relax in a quiet environment while your child is playing.
  • Mr. McGregor’s garden:  Mr. McGregor’s garden is a paradise for nature-loving children who are interested in gardening. This garden is located right next to Mr. Rabbit Cafe. Children can do gardening and plant here and finally take it home as a souvenir.
  • Radish Labyrinth: This labyrinth is a challenging puzzle for kids where they have to look for the popular Peter Rabbit character and at the same time find the way out of this place which will definitely be exciting and interesting for them.
  • Natkin Sanjabeh Amusement Park: In this park, a variety of fun and exciting activities are planned for children.
  • Treasure hunting: This section is based on the story of Peter Rabbit and its adventures, and participants must unlock the treasure with the help of clues. Children can play this game individually or in groups.
  • Retail Store:  The store is the last stop in the Peter Rabbit Adventure Zone, where children can purchase Peter Rabbit related toys and items.

Believe it or not Ripley’s Museum

“Ripley’s Believe It or Not” museum is one of the strangest natural, scientific, artistic and human collections in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East, located in Dubai Global Village. It is the first museum of its kind in the Middle East, which includes more than 250 rare works of art, incredible exhibits, wax figures of strange and historical people, interactive games, dark gallery and more.

In addition to 6 thematic galleries, the 4D cinema and the “Marvelous Mirror Maze” are also very attractive for tourists. The movie is fun to watch; But the ultimate pleasure comes when, in addition to watching, you can experience jumping, spinning, etc. along with the movie; What you will experience in the 4D cinema.

A shop with all kinds of strange and interesting souvenirs operates in this place, which can be a good end to your tour in this part of the village. The entire visit to the museum takes one hour.

Gate of happiness

In order to reduce traffic and create a different experience for visitors, a third entrance called “Happiness Gate” will be opened in the village in 2022, thus reducing the walking time to the parking lot.

Asia Road

Asia Road is another new section that includes a pedestrian street with 43 stalls and is dedicated to foods and products that are not available in the country pavilion.


A cabana is a wooden or thatched cabin that is often provided to tourists near the beach. In Dubai World Village, it is possible to reserve it for groups of up to eight people. While seated in a cabana and enjoying private butler service, you’ll enjoy entertaining performances on stage and around you.

Dubai Global Village entertainment

In addition to the booths of different countries in the global village, various attractions and entertainment are planned for the entertainment of visitors.

Dubai Global Village shows

The Global Village hosts 40,000 spectacular shows a season, including children’s shows and international live performances. Cultural shows are also dedicated to presenting an image of the culture of different countries.

  • Artist Shows: Artists from around the world perform live on a world-class basis.
  • Children’s Show: Kids are entertained by cartoon characters like Peter Rabbit and PJ Musk.
  • Stunt Show: This show is unique in its kind and attracts visitors with dangerous and interesting tricks. For tourists who want to better watch the popular stunt shows of the Global Village, a new option called “Star Seating” has been added.
  • Street Shows: Street performers such as unicycle riders, magicians, acrobats, etc., enthrall tourists with their magical performances. In the meantime, don’t miss the Filipino group “Urban Crew” who will return to the Global Village in 2022 to show off their acrobatic skills.
  • Fireworks and dancing fountains: World Village is one of the most popular places to visit in Dubai because of the fireworks and dancing fountains. You can watch these interesting shows on weekends.

Dubai Global Village events

  • Cultural shows: About 80 countries participate in these shows and entertain visitors with their local performances and beautiful music.
  • Live Concerts: Global Village is the ideal venue for music lovers; Because different artists at the world level polish their souls by performing live concerts. Interestingly, in its new season in 2022, Dubai World Village will introduce a program with the participation of more than 400 artists from all over the world. These programs include more than 200 performances per night, ranging from musical programs to performances by Colombian clowns and comedy groups. If you go to “Loud House”, you will see shows and music related to Bollywood, as well as lighting. Another international group that will perform at this place in the new season of 2022 due to popular demand is the Colombian group “AAIJAA” who entertain the fans with their drums.

Dubai World Village Carnivals

With more than 170 games and attractions, the carnival is one of the most popular entertainment areas in the Global Village. This family amusement park, designed for all age groups, contains various exciting entertainment and games. In the following, we will mention some of these exciting games.

Suitable games for adventurers

  • “Shang High” (Shang High): The game of Shang Hai, whose height reaches 85 meters and accommodates up to 32 people, will spin you in the air and give you an unforgettable experience. This game costs 35 dirhams per person.
  • “Athens Slingshot”: This game throws you into the sky at high speed like a catapult; While you are attached to very strong and flexible ropes. You have to pay 65 dirhams for Slingshot Athens.
  • “Fly France”: With this exciting game, your blood adrenaline will increase greatly. Designed for 12 people, Fly France allows you to control rotation and movement with the help of wings and fly as you wish. The cost of this game is 30 dirhams.
  • “Global Burj”: It is the tallest amusement tower in the United Arab Emirates and allows you to experience an incredible free fall from a height of 85 meters. Try this game by paying 35 dirhams.
  • “Honolo-Loop”: This game is one of the most exciting and scary entertainments of the global village; Because it takes you up to a height of 63 meters and then rotates at a high speed. This game has a maximum capacity of 20 people and the ticket price is 50 dirhams.
  • “Jamaica Drum” (Jamaica Drum): In Jamaica Drum you can turn and turn upside down at the same time. This exciting game, which will surely test your courage, has a capacity for 24 people and the cost of using it is 25 dirhams.
  • “Moscow Max”: Among the exciting games in Dubai Global Village, Moscow Max gives you the chance to move like a pendulum. In this game, you swing and rotate with a force similar to a jet engine. This game is not suitable for everyone; However, if you are tempted to experience it, you will have to pay 25 dirhams.
  • Roller coasters:  “Fantasy Island” is a land of exciting roller coasters in the Global Village, where fireworks, games and more are also held. Among the newest trains in this section, we can mention “Loop Fighter”, “Crazy Golf Ride” and…

Suitable games for families

Many of the Global Village games are designed for the whole family to enjoy together.

  • “Mumbai Xpress”:  This relatively gentle roller coaster allows you to watch the lively scenery of the carnival grounds from above and take a tour of the replica of the city of Mumbai. Unlike traditional roller coasters, Bombay Express is not very exciting and hence it is considered a good choice for children. You can enjoy this section with your family for 15 dirhams.
  • “Arabian Horse”:  The mentioned game is like a Ferris wheel suitable not only for children but also for adults and includes a number of horses that rotate in a circular environment. The Arabian horse has a capacity for 58 people and is suitable for people with a height of at least 1.1 meters. The ticket price is 10 dirhams.
  • “Miami Surf” (Miami Surf): This water slide is quite winding and to use it, you have to sit in a float with three other people and move along the bends of an adventure river 240 meters long. Make the most of this family game by paying 25 dirhams per person.
  • “Roaming Rome”: Another one of the most exciting trips of the global village is roaming Rome; Where you can enjoy flying like a bird and control your movements using the steering wheel. The cost of this game is 20 dirhams.
  • Vroom UAE: In this game, you drive on narrow tracks and collide with other cars during the chase. Here are 20 different cars that you have to pay 20 dirhams to play with.
  • “Thai Twist”:  The Thai Twist game is a small version of the free fall game that raises children up to a maximum height of 17 meters and brings similar excitement to children. Tie Twist has a capacity for 12 people and its cost is 10 dirhams.
  • “New York Jump”: Here is a large trampoline designed for different ages, and while the little ones will have a lot of fun jumping on the trampoline, you can burn some calories. Experience this game by paying 25 dirhams.
  • “Transylvania Towers” (Transylvania Towers): In the game Transylvania Towers, you can enjoy exploring the haunted castles of Transylvania. This hobby seems simple; But when you step into a suspended two-seater carriage and enter Hotel Transylvania, you’ll be met with awe-inspiring surprises that will scare you a little. The price of this game is 20 dirhams and it is recommended for teenagers and adults.
  • Texas Track: In this track, there are all kinds of cars from small Formula One cars, jeeps, motorcycles and other vehicles, and it allows you to ride on uneven uphill and downhill tracks. Your child must be at least 90 cm tall to use the Texas track. The cost of this game is 10 dirhams per person.
  • Seven Sea Pirate: This pirate-themed game consists of a small roller coaster with rotating seats. The maximum capacity of the game is 16 people, and you can ride it with your children for 10 dirhams per person.
  • “Beijing Bungee”: Trampolines are always fun and are even more fun when combined with bungee jumping. Eight children can play this game at the same time. The ticket price for this game is 25 dirhams.

Conditions for visiting Dubai Global Village

  • Ticket price: The price of the Dubai Global Village ticket in 2022 is equivalent to 20 dirhams, which can be reduced to 15 dirhams if purchased from the application or website. Children under three years old and people over 65 years old do not need to pay the entrance fee. The new ticket options for the 2022 season of the village include the “Value ticket” which is valid from Sunday to Thursday, excluding official holidays, as well as the “Any Day ticket” which has more flexibility and the possibility of using the village. It allows for every day of the week, even public holidays.
  • Visiting hours: Dubai World Village is open from Sunday to Wednesday from 16:00 to midnight and from Thursday to Friday from 16:00 to 1:00.
  • Women’s and family days: Except for public holidays, Mondays are only for women and children. If you go to this village with your child, use a wristband so that you can easily find your child if he gets lost.
  • Parking: Global Village parking has a capacity of 18,300 vehicles and consists of two sections: free public parking and VIP parking.

Wear comfortable walking shoes to visit the Global Village; Because you have to walk a long way. Animals and equipment such as scooters and skates are not allowed in this place. Filming without permission is also prohibited. Also, to have a hassle-free journey in the Global Village, get the Global Village Map.

The best time to visit Dubai Global Village

The 27th edition of the Dubai World Village will begin on October 25, 2022 (3 November 1401), and it seems that this entertainment and cultural attraction will end in April 2023 (April 1402).

The best time to visit the Global Village depends on the type of events you want to see. If you are interested in watching fireworks, Thursdays (10:00 PM) and Fridays (10:30 PM) are ideal. In addition, you will have the opportunity to enjoy live concerts every Friday evening at the Global Village.

For a feminine experience, choose Monday, known as Ladies and Family Day. If you don’t want to be in the crowd, choose days other than weekends. It is preferable to visit the World Village in the evening so that you can go sightseeing in pleasant weather and stay in this place until the village closes.

common questions

Where is Dubai Global Village?

“Global Village Dubai” or “Global Village Dubai” is a large and multicultural theme park that has 26 pavilions from 80 different cultures and includes a large number of shows and concerts, shopping centers, restaurants, etc.

What is the timing of Dubai Global Village?

The 27th edition of the Dubai World Village will begin on October 25, 2022 (3 November 1401), and it seems that this entertainment and cultural attraction will end in April 2023 (April 1402).

Does entering the Dubai Global Village require a ticket?


When was Dubai World Village opened?

Dubai Global Village was opened in 1997.

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