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The island of dolls

The Island of the dolls is one of the most frightening and scary attractions in Mexico, and visiting it can make you can an exciting and amazing trip, a trip that you probably won’t forget for a long time. stay with us to learn more about this attraction.

Just  outside of Mexico City in Mexico, you’ll find an island where rotting dolls are hanging from the foliage of trees. This is one of the most dangerous places in Mexico, which also has a significant reputation.

The Island of the Dolls is hidden among many canals and is known for hundreds of dolls and various dolls body parts hanging from trees or dumped in the grass.

Although this island looks more like a horror movie than anything else, But it was actually the residence of a man named Julian Santa Barrera. After a girl’s body is found in a canal near the island , he collects toys and displays them in various ways, hoping to ward off evil spirits. Brave tourists can rent a boat and ask the driver to bring them to the island to watch the hanging dolls from the water.

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