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This Amazing Water Hole In Portugal Is A Window To A Fantasy World

Krybdis was a sea monster is famous in “Homer’s” Odyssey. This monster swallows ships by forming a pit in the water.

Although this monster is a legend, but if it were not a legend, its true from could be the pit of Kuao de Conches in the country Portugal.

We can safely say that this amazing water hole in Portugal is a window to the imaginary world. J Plus, I would love to say that this overflow of water leads to Narnia and Atlantis, but by doing so, I close the windows of Truth on your face.

Although the purpose and function of this water hole is not so fantastic, it is still impressive and wonderful.

Kuao de Conches pit

This amazing water hole is part of a hydroelectric dam in Cao Ducanchos, Portugal.

Built in 1955, this hole transfers water from the Naves River to the Lagoa Comprida. The length of this hole is surprisingly and frighteninglt 1519 meters. Many people travel to this area specifically to see this man-made wonder.

The high volume of water flow and the completely round entrance covered with moss have given this structure an unnatural and surprising natural appearance. The Strange Pit of Orange You can see this amazing pit along with many other beautiful natural sights through hiking trails throughout the serra da Estrella mountains. This water overflow is one of the most artistic and practical man-made structures.


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