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The biggest and most magical ice lake in the world

The experience of walking on the surface of an ice lake, where you can watch the beautiful bubbles in the ice lake under your feet. This is the same incomparable feeling that will bring you while walking on the most unique and amazing ice lake in the world in Baikal, Russia. Don’t worry about the difficulty of accessing Baikal Ice Lake in Russia!!! In this article, the tourism department of PanyTourism  invites you to watch the largest and most magical ice lake in the world…

A little about the greatness of the Baikal Ice Lake in Russia

Lake Baikal is really interesting. Russia’s Baikal Ice Lake is the deepest and largest freshwater lake in the world in terms of volume and contains 20% of the world’s frozen freshwater. Lake Baikal is 25 million years old and is one of the oldest lakes in the world.

Also, Russia’s Baikal Ice Lake is the seventh largest lake in the world and is located in the middle of an ancient valley with a crescent shape and is home to thousands of plants and animals, most of which are not found anywhere in the world except for Baikal Ice Lake

Description of the eye-catching beauty of the Baikal Ice Lake in Russia

When you walk on the surface of the ice lake Baikal, you feel that the bubbles are moving under your feet. Watching the depth of the ice surface of this beautiful lake makes you think that a fish or a shark might pass under your feet at any moment. Baikal Ice Lake also has impressive mountains that can be an attractive option for mountaineers.

Russia’s Baikal Ice Lake is a unique and unrepeatable subject for photography lovers, with the benefit of a mountain landscape. At night, the reflection of the stars in the night sky on the mirror and transparent surface of Baikal Ice Lake is so beautiful that it makes you not sleepy from the pleasure of watching it!

Ice lake Baikal and legends

There is a legend about the reason for the creation of the Baikal Ice Lake, which is worth reading. In this legend, it is said that the father of Baikal had 336 rivers, one of which was the daughter of “Angara” and the rest were sons. The sons of the river, following their father, poured restock into the water, but the girl fell in love with the Yenisei River in Russia and went to it and took all the wealth of the father’s river to her lover.

 When Baikal’s father realizes this, in response to his daughter’s work, he picks up a large and cursed stone and throws it at her to prevent her from going in that direction. The thrown stone  is called the Shaman stone  and is located at the beginning of the Angara river. In the distant past, people believed that this stone has miraculous powers.

The scientific reason for the ice bubbles of Lake Baikal

If we want to prove the logical and scientific reason for the impressive beauty of the ice bubbles of the Baikal Ice Lake, the main reason is that the decomposed bodies of fish or plants that exist in the depth of the Baikal Ice Lake, in the warm seasons when the water is flowing, by bacteria are decomposed and gases are created that come to the surface of the water in the form of bubbles from the depths of the lake and enter the air.

 But in winter, at minus 30 degrees, the bubbles freeze before reaching the surface of the icy Lake Baikal to create a mesmerizing landscape beneath your feet.


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