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NUSFJORD, NORWAY - Juli 21, 2011 - Fishing village in Nusfjord, Lofoten, Norway

The sun will never set in these places

The sun will never set in these places

The earth does not experience the same span in all its regions and latitudes. In some parts, the amount of snow and rain is more, and in some day and desert areas, or the hours of the day and night are asymmetrical in many parts of the earth. The amount of solar radiation in any place depends on the distance it travels to the pole.
The earth rotates on its axis in an oblique from, and this angle causes that all parts of the globe do not benefit equally from the sun’s light and heat. For example, in the north and south poles, the sun  will set only once in the whole year. Since the North Pole is habitable, people have been able to visit this unique event many times, while in the South Pole, due to the extreme cold weather, only experts and researchers have been able to visit these unique sights. The sun is fully shining in the South Pole from September 21 to March 22, and in the North Pole, it will rise from March 22 and will not set until the end of September 21. In addition to the Earth’s poles, different countries also experience this fascinating phenomenon, including: Greenland, Canada, Finland, Russia, Alaska, Sweden, Norway, Northern Canada and Iceland. Many people around the globe travel to the named lands to see this geographical phenomenon, and record unique experiences in their minds. Join us now, to Many people around the globe travel to the named lands to see this geographical phenomenon, and record unique experiences in their minds. Join us now, to Many people around the globe travel to the named lands to see this geographical phenomenon, and record unique experiences in their minds. Join us now, toKnow  the areas where the sun does not set.
is one of the countries that has a wide latitude and longitude and you can experience different seasonal changes during one day.
From the end of May to the end of July, which includes the summer season, the northern parts and the Arctic do not see the sunset. With 20 hours of sunshine, Norway is known as the land of the midnight sun. Long days make Norway an exciting place and you can have enough time for excursions and special activities during the day. The beautiful and unique beaches of this country are suitable for fishing, canoeing, golf and sailing.


 a country with waterfalls, natural glaciers and active volcanoes, is known as the land of beauty. This country has pristine and extraordinary landscapes that are unique and unrepeatable. Once you travel to beautiful Iceland, it offers you so many interesting and exciting activities, that you will never feel tired and bored. Days with very long hours always create enough time for you for adventure and fun. The biggest golf clubs are ready to receive you 24 hours a day. Horse riding is considered as one of the most enjoyable pastimes in the green and dreamy areas of Iceland.

Northwest parts of Canada, a city called “Inuvik” spends 50 days of summer every year as a full day. The sun does not set at this time, and it is the perfect time for exciting activities such as hunting, fishing, golfing and horse riding. Colorful and glorious festivals during 50 dreamy days have made Canada one of the most attractive regions in the world for tourists. 


and its beautiful city of Stockholm are among the areas that see the sunset for only 2 hours of the night, and at 4:30 a.m., a unique sunrise will occur again. Stockholm has 14 unique islands on the border between the two Baltic seas and Malren, which will always create the shine of the sun with a beautiful reflection on the surface of the sea. The second city in Sweden to experience unique experiences of sunlight is Skansen, which preserves the traditional and ancient texture of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, presenting a beautiful, historical and interesting appearance to tourists. put Dreamy spaces that always provide the right time for travelers to have fun and visit during the endless hours of the day. 

Finland is another country that will not experience sunset for a long time. At midnight, the sun shines obliquely, at a tangential angle to the horizon, which, in addition to creating illumination, displays a unique view of the golden lines of the sun. With its natural attractions, this country also provides conditions for exciting entertainment such as skiing, canoeing, horseback riding and fishing for tourists. The long hours of the day ensure that you always have enough time to do your favorite activities.     

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