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Devil’s pool is a scary place in the heart of Africa

There are many exciting and attractive tourist attractions around the world that can be very enjoyable to visit. But among these there are attractions and tourist places that are very scary. These attractions also have special fans, and one of the scariest attractions in the world is the Devil’s pool , which is located on the African continent. if you want to know more about Satan’s pool, stay with us until the end.


Where is Satan’s pool

In the south of the continent of Africa, a waterfall called Victoria Falls it is located on the Zambezi River and the border line between Zambia and Zimbabwe. At the top of this waterfall, which is 180 meters high, there is one of the scariest pools in the world, the devil’s pool.

Walking and swimming in this pool will definitely be one of the most exciting pastimes in the world and has many fans. Usually, tourists who love excitement and want to increase their adrenaline in their trip to Africa go to visit Devil’s pool and create attractive and exciting moments for themselves. Devil’s Pool and Victoria Falls have an eye-catching view and pristine nature. And it is wonderful, and  it can be said that this tourist attraction and the experience of swimming in this pool is the most important reason for many tourists to travel to the African continent. Definitely, by reading this article about Satan’s pool, many questions will form in your mind and temptation. You will go to visit this different and scary tourist attraction. But one of the questions that will definitely arise in your mind is whether the devil’s pool is safe? Can you swim in it? Is it possible to stand and swim at the edge of the waterfall? Shaitan will threaten you in the pool or not? In the following, we have tried to answer a significant part of your questions so that you have a more realistic idea of ​​this scary pool.

Is Devil’s Pool Safe?

 Many tourists think that this pool is safe, contrary to its scary name, and you can experience an exciting and memorable swim in it. If that is completely wrong and the devil’s pool is never safe. In this pool, there is a large boulder that can prevent people from falling from the top of the waterfall. During the seasons of the year when the water level of the pool is lower, it is somewhat safer to swim in it, but when the waterfall has a high volume of water and the pool is full of water, swimming in Shaitan’s pool is never recommended. In addition, it should be noted that the big boulder inside the pool and its edge, although it is very big and strong, but it is possible that it will be destroyed suddenly and take you to the edge of the abyss of death. 


Dangers that threaten you in Devil’s Pool

Another one of the most important dangers that threaten visitors in Devil’s Pool is the risk of slipping on wet boulders and subsequent mishaps, so if you have decided to Experience this crazy fun, be sure to gather your attention. In addition, there are crocodiles in the Victoria Falls and the pool above it and they are busy living and may attack you. But don’t worry because there are guides at Devil’s Pool who check for crocodiles before people go into the water. So far, no cases of crocodiles have been reported in this pool. Despite these risks and conditions, the choice is yours whether you are ready to swim at the edge of one of the highest and largest waterfalls in the world next to crocodiles or not?

The rainbow moon phenomenon in Satan’s pool

Although Satan’s pool is very scary and swimming in it can be associated with many dangers, it also has beauty. Victoria Falls is one of the few places in the world where it is possible to see the Rainbow Moon phenomenon. The moon rainbow is actually a kind of rainbow that is created by the refraction of open light from the surface of the moon and through the humidity of the air clouds on the globe, and it is very beautiful. This phenomenon can be seen if the air temperature is less than 42 degrees and the sky is very dark. Watching the rainbow moon can be very attractive and memorable. In the end, it can be said that the best time to swim in Satan’s pool and visit this exciting and scary tourist attraction is from September to December, when there is little rain and the water level is low. The pool is down. Therefore, if you want to go to Africa and visit Satan’s pool, it is better to choose these days and make a memorable and exciting memory for yourself.

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