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5.8 underwater restaurant in the Maldives, the largest all-glass underwater restaurant in the world

About 5.8 underwater restaurant in Maldives tour

The 5.8 underwater restaurant is located on the island of Horavalhi in the Maldives (Horavalhi Island Resort Hotel) and serves lunch and dinner. The important thing about the Horavalhi Island Resort Hotel, which is actually located on the island of Horavalhi in the Maldives, is that only people over 15 years old have the right to enter it, and it can practically be said that no one with a child under 15 years old can stay in this hotel. Dine at the underwater restaurant built on the island of Horavalehi in the Maldives.

This underwater restaurant in the Maldives has such an interesting view of the deep sea and underwater creatures that anyone who attends it will forget to eat for a moment and drown in silence, watching the wonderful world below. The waters become This restaurant we are talking about, known as the 5.8 underwater restaurant, is only one of the underwater restaurants in the Maldives, and several others similar to it have been built in different islands of the Maldives. But we can boldly say that none of the underwater restaurants in the Maldives can be compared to the 5.8 underwater restaurant. Because this restaurant, which was opened at the end of 2016, is the largest all-glass underwater restaurant in the world and is more attractive than all other restaurants in the world.

How to get to the underwater restaurant 5.8 in the Maldives tour

Those who book their table at the 5.8 Underwater Restaurant Maldives, one of the most luxurious restaurants in the Maldives, must go to Horavalehi Island in the Maldives and from there reach the top of the 5.8 Underwater Restaurant via a jetty. After leaving a little distance from the island, they can go through a circular staircase to a depth of 5.8 meters and enter this fascinating underwater restaurant. The interesting thing about this restaurant is that it was named because it was built exactly 5.8 meters deep in the sea.


About 5.8 underwater restaurant food in Maldives tour

The chefs of the underwater restaurant 5.8 Maldives wanted the food served in this restaurant to be as interesting as the view of the restaurant! In fact, they should have done something so that all the customers’ attention is not drawn to the colorful fishes, sharks and corals of the deep sea, and the plate in front of them has something to say! For this reason, they tried to reflect the restaurant’s appearance on the customers’ plates and serve seafood to the guests! Even in terms of food decorations, they paid attention to the landscape of the restaurant and paid attention to coral reefs and other details of the sea to decorate the customers’ plates!

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