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Introducing the safest countries in the world to live in 2023

One of the most important ranking indicators of countries in the world is the level of security and security measures taken by the government at the level of different cities and regions. This index is very effective not only in the ranking process, but also in the matter of people’s immigration, and in a way, all immigrants collect complete information about the level of security of the destination country before immigrating to it. One of the questions that many people face before immigrating is the names of the safest countries in the world to live in.

According to the latest information collected regarding the ranking of countries based on security, countries such as Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, and Turkey have been named among the safest countries in the world to live in next to other countries.

The importance of paying attention to the level of security of destination countries for immigration and life

After the economic index factor, security is the second most important discussion in the study of each country. Unfortunately, in recent years due to the existence of some economic and political problems, the level of security in the society has decreased drastically, and this has led to the decision of many people to migrate from their country to one of the safest countries in the world to live.

One of the most common questions of immigrants and people who intend to migrate in any way is, which are the safest countries in the world to migrate and live in? The safest countries in terms of immigration and life are countries such as Portugal, Turkey, Spain, Greece and Cyprus. In addition to having a very high security factor, these countries are always among the countries with favorable economic conditions and are suitable for immigration.

Turkey is one of the most safe countries in the world

Turkey is one of the countries that is very similar to Iran in terms of culture and other aspects of living, that is why a large number of Iranian immigrants immigrate to this country every year. Of course, one should not neglect the very strict security measures taken in this country, because this case alone has led to an increase in the attention of immigrants. In fact, due to having very diverse tourist attractions and the tourist migration of many people from all over the world, Turkey always attaches great importance to the security index of its cities. In addition to ordinary cities, tourist cities such as Istanbul and Antalya have the highest level of security. The Turkish army is one of the most powerful armies in the world, and the judicial system of this country also applies all the strict obligations of Switzerland, Italian criminal laws, and some large German laws to improve the level of security.

Receiving the title of the safest city of Istanbul in Türkiye from the FCO organization

According to the latest reports published by FCO, some cities in Turkey, such as Istanbul, are among the safest cities for immigration and permanent living. Many areas in the city of Istanbul have the highest level of security, all these results have been obtained by collecting the votes of immigrants and even citizens of this city.

Due to the high level of security in Istanbul, the officials of this city have established a special tourism office in order to ensure the well-being of tourists. All the officers present in this group are fluent in several living languages ​​of the world. All these cases are proof that Turkey is in the list of the safest countries in the world to live in.

Antalya is the second safest city in Türkiye

After Istanbul, Antalya is the second safest city in Turkey. If you look at the statistics published in 2023, you will notice the concentration of a large number of immigrants and even tourists in these two cities. To clarify the issue, we can compare the security of Antalya city and Tehran city of Iran. The city of Antalya is about 60% safer than Tehran, in such a way that walking in the streets of this city in the dark and at midnight does not pose any danger to people.

In addition to these cases, the amount of crimes such as car theft, bag theft, drug sales and even hostage taking in this city is much less than other safe cities in the world. According to the above explanations, Turkey can be considered the safest country in the world for women.

Greece, the country of dreams and dreams with extremely high security

If, like many people, you like to experience a trip full of happiness and peace and of course without problems in foreign countries, Greece is undoubtedly the best choice. Of course, due to its high security, this country is a very suitable option for permanent living in addition to travel. The crime rate in Greece in 2023 has a score of 46 out of 100.

Of course, these figures are related to the average cities of this country, for example, in cities such as Chania, Patras and Corfu, it is less than in Athens. Greece has one of the oldest civilizations in the western world and the history and culture of this country is very rich. According to the latest reports from reliable census organizations, more than 30 million people visit this country every year.

The impact of economic conditions in making Greece the safest country in the world!

The reason for the high level of security in different cities of this country is that they have very favorable tourism and economic infrastructures. To be more precise, since the improvement of economic conditions in Greece, the amount of crimes, even violent crimes, in this country has decreased drastically. According to Yiannis Stornaras, the head of the Central Bank of Greece, the country’s economy will grow by 2.4% in the second half of 2023.

Of course, according to the latest reports, the economic growth rate of Greece in the first half of 2023 was about 1.5%, which indicates a promising and prosperous outlook for the country’s economy in the coming years. The low cost of living, especially the cost of renting property in Greece, is one of the biggest reasons for the migration of a huge number of people to this country from different countries, especially Iran.

Introducing the country of Spain and the level of security that governs it

The country of Spain is always introduced as one of the safest countries in the world to live in, based on its very favorable performance in the field of security measures. This country is a developed parliamentary democracy and is a member of the European Union. On the other hand, all member states of the European Union generally follow some general security rules, for this reason, some are more secure than other countries, even compared to developed countries. For this reason, Spain is a peaceful and very safe country for its citizens and even tourists; In such a way that the amount of crime and violent crimes in this country is very rare.

Experiencing a peaceful and carefree life is one of the smallest benefits of living in Spain!

Contrary to the logical idea of ​​many people who don’t believe that the experience of a free life is the least advantage for a country, in Spain this is one of the smallest advantages. In fact, the civilized and very rich cultural rule in Spain has made living in its different cities and regions a unique experience.

One of the main reasons for the smooth and safe flow of life in Spain is the significant growth and development of this country’s economy during the last 4 years. In 2022 and 2023, the country’s GDP growth has increased by 5.5 and 1.7 percent, respectively. In fact, the economy of this country has grown and developed even better than the predictions made in previous years. This has made about 80% of the people of this country live in the upper middle class and can easily shoulder the responsibility of their living expenses by working. All these things together have caused more than 65% of the people of Spain to be fully satisfied with the quality of their life in this country.

The safest and best cities in Spain to live in

The city of Madrid, the capital of Spain, is considered one of the metropolises of this country and has a population of nearly 3.6 million people. But despite the high population density in this city, all security measures are required and the crime rate in this city is much lower than other cities. Seville is one of the best and safest cities in Spain for Iranians to live and migrate to. Of course, we should not neglect the existence of a big city full of healthy entertainment and a calm atmosphere like Barcelona, ​​this city is the second choice of immigrants after Madrid for immigration and living.

Portugal: Welcome to the sixth safest country in the world!

It may be shocking that Portugal is listed among the safest countries in the world for news life, but the more interesting fact is that this country has been ranked as the sixth safest country in the world in 2023! Portugal is one of the most developed countries in Europe, where the amount of terrorist acts during the last two decades, as well as international conflicts, has been much lower.

In general, the continent of Europe in 2009 was the continent with the most security and security stability, and during the last two years, only a few countries in it are facing security problems.

In addition to the discussion of Portugal’s top ranking in terms of security, in 2020, this country was able to receive 26 global awards in the field of tourism, the main reason for receiving these awards was actually establishing a high level of security in the country.

Portugal has the lowest crime rate in Europe

Another interesting fact about Portugal is that it has the lowest crime rate in the entire continent of Europe. It may be hard to believe, but the crime rate in this country is even lower than other developed countries such as Finland. One of the strict laws implemented in this country is not to issue a license to buy and carry weapons to the general public.

Other advantages of living in Portugal

One of the biggest advantages of living in Portugal is the very favorable healthcare system in this country. This country spends about 10% of its annual gross income on improving the quality of healthcare services and therefore has one of the best healthcare systems in the whole world. Other benefits of immigrating to Portugal include the following:

  • Low cost of living
  • A very high variety of tourist attractions
  • Quality education system

Cyprus is one of the safest countries in the world to live in

Cyprus differs from European countries in many ways, one of its biggest differences from other developed countries is having a very high security factor. There is no news of metal window nets in this country and only 1.20 meter fences are used to protect the privacy of homes.

According to some laws as well as thousands of years of culture and civilization, this country is always included in the list of the safest countries in the world to live in. One of the most interesting points about the level of security in this country is the fact that the doors of cars and even houses are not locked. Basically, the people of this country leave their car without any worries after parking it in any area without locking it. In addition to these cases, the amount of violent crime such as conflict with hot and cold weapons, extortion, etc. is very low and even zero in many cases.

Completely safe, profitable and safe investment experience in Cyprus

One of the biggest advantages related to Cyprus is the possibility of investing, especially in the field of real estate, without the slightest risk and at the same time with very high profits. Many properties in this country always have a very favorable and profitable future due to their very special location, that is why those immigrants who are aware of this issue take advantage of this opportunity and purchase property in Cyprus. They even immigrate to this country.


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