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Some famous restaurants in Istanbul

All those who have traveled to Turkey and especially the city of Istanbul know that the good mood of this trip is completed by tasting delicious food.

Eating is one of the most enjoyable parts of traveling. Tasting the traditional foods of each region provides an interesting experience for tourists.  But which restaurants should we go to to taste the best flavors? In this article, we get to know the top ten restaurants in Istanbul.

2. Lokanta Maya Restaurant


Chef Didem Şenol seems to know exactly what Istanbul is missing since he opened Locanta Maya, a local restaurant with a simple menu of new Turkish dishes and seasonal specials. , has been admired by many people inside and outside the country and has gained many fans. Dishes such as “mucver” and “zucchini fritters” are among the most popular dishes of this restaurant, so that Chenul wrote their recipe on the mirror of the dining room so that other customers would not ask him. Caramel and orange stickleback is another dish that seems hard to resist.

3. Romeli Hisari pier


The waterfront restaurant (Rumelihisari Iskele) is located right on the “Bosphorus” (Bosphorus) in the quay left over from the Ottoman period and in the shadow of the medieval castle, and its food is very delicious. Fish is always served in this restaurant, and Turkish traditionalists usually go to this restaurant because they know that the traditional cuisine of the city will not be harmed inside the walls of the “Romeli Hisari Pier” restaurant. Waiters know the first names and eating habits of many customers. A meal consists of several parts. First, it starts with a cold dish, followed by a hot appetizer, and then the main dish will be served to the guests. This is one of the enjoyable customs of Istanbulites.

4. Fish


Galatasaray islet looks like a floating islet in the middle of the Bosphorus near Kuruçeşme, but this collection of restaurants is one of the most beautiful and unique places to eat, drink and enjoy the atmosphere. are considered the Bosphorus Strait. “Mahi” restaurant, which opened in 2010, has its dining section on the upper floor and has a variety of fresh fish on its menu. The experience of eating in this restaurant will be unforgettable and a part of your happy time in Tange.

5. Restaurant X


This restaurant is located on top of the 90-year-old “Deniz Palace” or “Sea Palace” and has a spectacular view of the “Golden Horn”. The Golden Palace building was restored and renovated in 2009 after a decade of neglect. The non-profit group “Istanbul Art and Culture Foundation” is also located in this building, which organizes some of the most famous cultural events in the city. The Golden Palace building and X Restaurant are both examples of the revival of Istanbul and the combination of newness and antiquity and East and West. The Mediterranean menu of this restaurant includes delicious dishes that are elaborately prepared, from traditional Anatolian wedding soup to pizzas that are cooked in brick ovens.

6. Girilti


This magnificent yet comfortable fish restaurant is located in a quiet corner of “Sultan Ahmad” neighborhood and is full of locals and tourists at night. The fixed price of this restaurant’s menu is one of its advantages, which includes local and international drinks. Grilled octopus in olive oil is one of Giritli’s popular dishes. Seafood and orzo salad and olives stuffed with walnuts and feta cheese, which make up two-thirds of the restaurant’s custom appetizers, are other bestsellers. In the hot months, the summer garden of Giritli restaurant offers a pleasant atmosphere and pleasant weather to the customers.

7. Seaside


Istanbul’s trend for rooftop restaurants was started about two decades ago by this old Beyoglu restaurant, whose owner was one of the first to understand the power of combining the city’s beautiful views and Sharjah weather with good and delicious food. did The newest location of “Leb-i Derya” restaurant is above “Richmond Hotel” on Esteghlal Street, which has a good view, but its menu is very different from the menu of the other branch of this restaurant at the bottom of Esteghlal Street. Spiny fish and panna cotta and grilled ribs with pomegranate sauce are among the popular dishes in this restaurant’s menu.

8. Mikla


Turkish-Swedish chef Mehmet Gores has placed his kitchen named Mikla in Istanbul on the roof of the Marmara Pera luxury hotel. This restaurant, which was opened in 2005, offers guests a wonderful view of the city; But the modern menu of this restaurant, which reflects the influences of Turkish and Scandinavian countries, is considered one of the great advantages of this restaurant. Be sure to try the ribs with pistachio sauce and barbecue cooked on cherry wood skewers in this restaurant and finish your meal with a plate of traditional oriental cheeses. The list of drinks at Mikla restaurant is also full of new items that you will taste for the first time.

9. Mozdshanga


If the collection of religious manuscripts displayed in the “Sabanji Museum” is not enough reason for you to go to the “Emirgan” neighborhood near the Bosphorus, the “Müzedechanga” restaurant located inside the museum will surely invite you to this neighborhood. drew “Peter Gordon”, the chef of this restaurant, believes that the location of this restaurant and its Mediterranean menu along with the beautiful view of the sea have made customers have a pleasant experience at Mozdshanga restaurant. Eating at this restaurant is always a pleasure.

10. Taste


At Meze, the serious-faced kitchen staff look like monks, moving slowly to and fro in their black chef’s coats. But in the generous serving of food and drinks, it’s clear that these guys are just foodies having a good time. Leave the selection of appetizers to the chef “Genjai” and experience a delicious salad with the aroma of coriander. Choose this restaurant’s grilled fish or juicy lamb meat as the main dish so that you will not forget the taste of the restaurant for the rest of your life.

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