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6 of the largest cruise ships

The biggest cruise ships are floating hotels that you can travel around the world with. In recent years, cruise ships have become very popular, so the facilities of these ships have improved significantly. Today, the largest cruise ships have become tourist attractions, which, like luxury hotels, provide guests with a world of attractive facilities and entertainment. These ships travel across the seas and create amazing experiences for their passengers. In this article, Eli Gesht introduces 6 of the world’s largest cruise ships.

What are the biggest cruise ships?

Cruise ships are a type of passenger ships that are used for pleasure trips. In addition to cabins for passengers, cruise ships generally have facilities such as restaurants, cinemas, and swimming pools. Cruise ships are referred to as floating hotels that can travel between islands and tourist ports.

For those who enjoy traveling with adventure, a cruise may not seem like the right choice at first glance, but cruise ships offer a unique form of travel and can be full of adventure and memorable stories. Unlike other types of travel, cruise travel allows you to travel among exciting destinations, where your trip becomes a complete excursion. Now we introduce the largest cruise ships in the world.

1. MSC Splendida ship The largest cruise ships

MSC Splendida is like a floating luxury resort, belonging to the Fantasia class. Built at STX France in Saint-Nazaire, this cruise ship started its service in July 2009 with an investment of 550 million dollars. The weight of this cruise ship is 138,000 tons and it accommodates 4,363 guests. This ship with exceptional facilities is one of the most luxurious and largest cruise ships in the world, it also has exceptional facilities and lots of entertainment. In this ship, a theater and a cinema have been built, where high-quality programs are shown for passengers every night. Another facility of this ship is a disco and bar that welcomes guests at night. Sports facilities on MSC Splendida include four swimming pools, a running track, a squash court and a well-equipped modern gymnasium.

On this post-workout cruise, you can get a massage or tan in the peace and quiet of the deck. Guests on MSC Splendida can choose each meal from a diverse range of restaurants with a variety of delicious choices, from authentic Mediterranean cuisine to lamb chops. In addition to having 71 suites, this ship’s hotel has 24-hour waiter service, private restaurant, lounge, deck pool and bar. This large ship has visited the Mediterranean Sea and the Far East and was renovated before being sent to China in 2017.

2. Mariner of the Seas | The largest cruise ships

Sailor of the Seas is one of the largest Voyager class cruise ships of Royal Caribbean International. This ship belongs to the second generation Voyager class. This grand cruise underwent significant changes in early 2018 after a month-long renovation at a cost of $120 million. For example, new cabins were added and the gross tonnage of the ship increased from 138,279 to 139,863. After the refit, the ship embarked on cruises from Port Canaveral, Florida to the Bahamas to visit Nassau and Cocoa Key, making three cruises to facilitate repositioning.

First, it went from Singapore to Dubai, then from Dubai to Barcelona (via the Suez Canal) and in the last part, from Barcelona to Miami. This ship is one of the most luxurious and largest cruise ships in the world, which provides many opportunities for guests to experience all kinds of fun with revolutionary indoor facilities such as an ice skating rink, a basketball court, a Floridarider surfing simulator, and a rock climbing wall.

After a long day of fun, guests can go to the luxurious dining room, bar or club and enjoy high-quality food and exceptional drinks. This dream ship has the capacity to accommodate 1362 guests. The facilities of this ship include 12 dining and bar options, 3 swimming pools, rock climbing wall, ice skating rink, sky pad, basketball court, escape room and massage rooms.

3. MSC Divina Cruise

MSC Divina was launched in 2012 and renovated in 2017, this cruise ship is the fourth ship in the world in the Fantasia class and has high level amenities such as very luxurious suites, international dining halls, spa, attractive entertainment, etc.

MSC Divina has always sought to improve the level of service, this ship has indoor and outdoor pools and whirlpools (for adults). There is also a water slide, a multipurpose sports field, and an entertainment section with virtual reality technology on this ship. For parents and couples looking to relax, there are several relaxing spaces on board. MSC hosts several large parties and special events on most cruises, and it’s interesting to note that there is always a late-night dance party at the Galaxy Disco.

4363 people can stay in this ship. Among other facilities of MSC Divina,

The largest cruise ships include a walking track, shuffleboard, Formula One simulator, Smurfs play area, nursery and junior club, Broadway-style Pantheon theater, yacht club with swimming pool and yoga and fitness classes. The starting point of this ship’s journey is usually from the Caribbean island.

4. British ship (HMY Britannia) | The largest cruise ships

The British Royal Yacht served the British Royal Family from 1954 to 1997. The ship was launched by Queen Elizabeth II on April 16, 1953 and commissioned on January 11, 1954. During its 43-year career, this royal ship traveled more than a million miles across the seas of the world. The British ship is now retired from royal service and used for pleasure cruises. The capacity of Britannia ship is 3,647 guests and 1,350 crew. The Britannia is a family-friendly ship, and special kids’ clubs are offered on board. This ship, which is one of the largest cruise ships, has built a 5-star hotel on the water waves. The UK sails from South Hampton, Barbados and St Lucia. This ship operates in different routes, but its main route is the Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean.

The cruise also travels on holidays to Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands, Short Breaks and Cityscapes in Northern Europe. Britannia offers 11 restaurants including Oriental Restaurant, Limelight Club and Epicurean, in addition to being home to 15 bars and cafes. Theater, library, art gallery, studio, live hall (where music and dance are performed), 4 swimming pools and whirlpools, fully equipped gymnasium, fitness and dance classes are among the facilities provided on this big ship. Interestingly, there are shops on this ship where you can buy luxury brand items such as cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, gifts, clothes, accessories, etc.

5. World Dream ship

World Dream Cruises is designed to serve the Asian cruise markets. This complex includes a wide range of restaurants, entertainment spaces, a casino, as well as specially designed rooms. This ship has 18 decks and is 335 meters long and 40 meters wide. Its gross tonnage is 151,300 tons. This cruise ship has a total of 1,674 bedrooms, 70% of which have ocean views.

A maximum of 3,348 guests can be accepted inside this ship. One of the largest cruise ships, the World Dream ship, has a variety of restaurants and bars that serve a wide variety of food and drink menus. Silk Road Restaurant on Deck Six serves Chinese cuisine, while Umi Uma on Deck Eight offers premium Japanese cuisine. Other dining venues include separate steakhouse and seafood restaurants, The Lido, The Dreamy Dining Room, Blue Lagoon and the Lobby Café.

The dream ship’s fitness facilities include a state-of-the-art fitness center, running/walking track, Asian and Chinese-style western spa and spa, swimming pool, steam and sauna, foot massage, and lounge. World Dream also has a water slide park, playground, basketball court, mini golf course, outdoor rock climbing wall.

6. Symphony of the Seas | The largest cruise ships

This ship belongs to a big company called Royal Caribbean. The Royal Caribbean company is known for building large cruise ships in the world, and the name of all the Oasis class ships of this company can be seen in the list of the largest cruise ships in the world. Symphony of the Seas is also a member of this class. Symphony of the Seas , which is the last ship of Royal Caribbean, is slightly larger than other cruise ships in its family. This ship, which is one of the best cruise ships in the world, can accommodate 6,680 passengers as well as 2,200 crew members. On the deck of this ship, there are 22 restaurants, 4 swimming pools and 2759 cabins for guests to use.

The facilities of Symphony of the Seas include children’s water park, full-size basketball court, ice skating rink, zip line, 1400-seat theater, water theater and rock climbing walls. Snacks and meals inside this ship are served in more than 15 restaurants. The main dining room is where the ship’s traditional, complimentary dinners are served each night, but specialty options such as steakhouse and deli are also available. Additionally, guests can dine at Jamie’s Italian, a restaurant run by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Symphony of the Seas departs from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Rome and Barcelona for cruises throughout the Caribbean and Europe.

Conclusion The largest cruise ships

Although cruise travel often seems like a leisurely excursion where all you can do is soak up the sun, that’s not the case. Cruise ships actually provide the opportunity to travel in the seas, experience new cultures, cruise in the middle of the ocean and meet new people; These are the ingredients to enjoy a memorable adventure. All these features together make you experience an exciting and luxurious trip on the most beautiful and largest cruise ships in the world.

1. What is a cruise ship?

Large pleasure ships that have various facilities are called cruise ships.

2. The largest cruise ships usually float in which seas?

These ships usually travel in the Mediterranean Sea.

3. Which is one of the oldest cruise ships in the world?

Britannia has been operating since 1954 and is one of the oldest active cruise ships in the world.

4. What facilities do cruise ships have?

These ships are often equipped with sports halls, playgrounds, swimming pools, several restaurants, bars, casinos and cinemas.

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