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Introducing Zafira Deluxe Alanya Hotel, 5 star luxury

Xafira Deluxe Resort & Spa is one of the best 5-star hotels in Alanya that can guarantee you a dream stay. If you want to have a dream stay on your trip to Alanya, Turkey, first of all you need to find a suitable accommodation. Finding the right accommodation and hotel for a family trip is the first step to having a great trip. Alanya has many dreamy 5-star hotels, one of which is Zafira Deluxe Hotel in this city. If you want to travel to Alanya on your next vacation and are looking for a good hotel, don’t miss the rest of this article. In the rest of this article, one of the best hotels in Alanya, Xafira Deluxe Resort & Spa, is introduced to you.

The location of Xafira Deluxe Resort & Spa in Alanya

Xafira Deluxe Resort & Spa is one of the hotels in Alanya, which is almost far from the city center and it is not possible to walk from this hotel to many tourist attractions. But there are many bus and taxi stations near the hotel that passengers can use to reach their destination. Alanya does not have a metro line, but there are various types of buses, taxis and minibuses in the city, which make it easy to reach all its points. Also, another way to get to the city center and visit the city’s attractions is to use hotel taxis. These taxis are personally available to passengers and will take them to any destination they want.

As many travelers may know, it is also possible to travel to Turkey using private cars. One of the concerns of travelers who travel to Alanya using their own car is finding a safe parking space at a reasonable price. Travelers staying at Xafira Deluxe Resort & Spa in Alanya will not have to worry about this anymore. Because this hotel will provide a free and equipped parking lot. All this parking lot is surrounded by security cameras and passengers will no longer have to worry about their car. By using a private car, you can visit many tourist attractions of Alanya in the shortest possible time. The following table shows some tourist attractions near Zafira Hotel.

Address: Kasabasi Kargi Ciftligi Mevkii, Turkler, Alanya 07410 Turkey

Comfort and entertainment facilities of Xafira Deluxe Resort & Spa 

Another point that travelers should pay attention to when choosing a hotel or residence is the amenities that this hotel will provide them. Xafira Deluxe Resort & Spa is one of the most well-equipped 5-star hotels in Alanya, which provides the best and most advanced comfort and entertainment facilities for its passengers. You can see some of the recreational and comfort facilities of the 5-star Zafira Hotel in the rest of this section.

  • Free parking
  • Swimming pool
  • Club and gym
  • Water Park
  • Free breakfast
  • Entertainment and various programs
  • children playground
  • sauna
  • Restaurant
  • Airport shuttle service
  • conference hall
  • Turkish bath
  • Massage salon

In addition to these facilities, many other facilities are offered to travelers in this hotel. In Xafira Deluxe Resort & Spa, an indoor restaurant is built inside the hotel and another restaurant is in the open space of the hotel area. People can use the outdoor restaurant when the weather is good. It is possible to entrust children to teachers for a while. Parents can leave their children in the hands of hotel instructors and go to the city for fun or to do their work. Please note that babysitting service has an additional cost and is not included in the room costs.

In Xafira Deluxe Resort & Spa, all security measures are fully observed. All hotel rooms have access to fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing systems. CCTV cameras have also been installed in the public areas of this hotel to ensure the complete safety of passengers. All rooms are cleaned daily with the best methods and detergents approved by the World Health Organization. The detergents used are completely hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. It is very easy for disabled people to access most parts of this hotel.

The rooms of Zafira Deluxe Resort & Spa in Alanya 

The rooms of Xafira Deluxe Resort & Spa in Alanya all have facilities such as air conditioning, mini bar, cable TV, mini fridge, safe deposit box and terrace. The rooms are either facing the beach or facing the grounds, you can choose the view you want when booking the room. In the following, you can see some of the rooms of this hotel along with their capacity.

room name Capacity area
Deluxe Double or Twin Room 2 people 37 square meters
Standard Triple Room 3 people 37 square meters
Family Room 3 people 50 square meters


All the rooms can be reserved with two views of the courtyard and the sea, but their prices are different. It is possible to receive additional service for some rooms. For this reason, it is better to declare the number of passengers in full before finalizing your reservation. Keep in mind that smoking is prohibited in all rooms of this hotel. Passengers must go to a special room to smoke. All the rooms are equipped with sound insulation to bring you a peaceful and worry-free trip.

Rules and regulations for booking Xafira Deluxe Resort & Spa in Alanya

Check-in time in this hotel is 14:00 and check-out time is 12:00. If the passengers do not hand over the room at 12 o’clock, they have to count the money of a full day. All people of any age can stay in this hotel, but people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parents to stay at Xafira Deluxe Resort & Spa. All people over the age of 13 are considered adults and discounts for children are not included. Staying at Xafira Deluxe Resort & Spa in Alanya is only possible if you make a reservation in advance, and you cannot book the rooms of this hotel in person and with cash. Pets are strictly prohibited in this hotel. Contact our experts to calculate the exact price of the room.

last word

In this article, we got acquainted with one of the best and most equipped 5-star hotels in Alanya, Xafira Deluxe Resort & Spa. This hotel has countless recreational facilities and it is easy to access many tourist attractions of the city from this hotel. If you are planning a dreamy and luxurious family trip to Alanya, Xafira Deluxe Resort & Spa can be the best choice for you. All the rooms of this hotel have been provided for you from cleanliness to security. Most parts of the hotel have been renovated for the easy access of disabled people.

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