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Dva Jelena restaurant, Serbia

The attractive and beautiful restaurant Dva Jelena was established in 1932 and is considered a part of the history of the city of Belgrade. The name of this restaurant means two deer. This restaurant is located in the Montmartre area (a place where writers and artists used to gather in the 20th century) in the city of Belgrade and on Skadarska Street. This restaurant is famous for its menu prepared by chef Žarko Dačić.
Among the most famous dishes of this Serbian restaurant are the steak Čika Đura and the traditional dessert of this region, Tufahija.
Without a doubt, the guests of this restaurant will enjoy the traditional Serbian dishes and the pleasant atmosphere and the pleasant music of Serbian folk. 
This Serbian restaurant has been the guest of many journalists and experts from all over the world, so if you don’t trust the advertisements of this restaurant, be sure to read the reviews and feedback of this restaurant.
This luxurious restaurant will undoubtedly attract everyone’s attention because of the attractive music that is performed live in this restaurant, in addition to the pleasant and pleasant smell of the food that is cooked in this restaurant.
Restaurant address: Dva Jelena, Skadarska 32, Beograd, Serbia

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