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The historical city of Ayutthaya

Thailand is a beautiful and spectacular country full of tourist and historical attractions
You can visit one of the historical cities, Ayutthaya, on your trip to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand
Join us to learn more about this historical city.

The historical city of Ayutthaya

The historical city of Ayutthaya was built in 1350 AD
And it was known as a military and commercial point in the Khmer Empire.
After a short time, this trading point became the ancient capital of Thailand, the historical city of Ayutthaya was the capital for four centuries, but it was burned by the Burmese invaders.

Since many of the temples and facilities of this city were made of wood, most of them were destroyed and lost. Only about 50 stone artefacts and the fire temple survived and can still be visited. Since the restoration began in the 1970s, exploring Ayutthaya, which incorporates a mix of Siamese, Sri Lankan and Khmer architecture, has become a popular trip for tourists and is one of Bangkok’s most popular tourist attractions.

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