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Cinnamon Island, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the largest exporter of cinnamon in the world, and Cinnamon Island is located in the south of this country.

The age of cinnamon trees in this area reaches over several hundred years. The preparation and production of cinnamon in Cinnamon Island is a family business that has been passed down from generation to generation.

It is true that the cinnamon trees of Cinnamon Island are one of the tourist attractions of this region; But the beauties of this island are not only cinnamon trees; But the magical and dreamy nature of Cinnamon Island also fascinates every viewer. To learn more about this island and its attractions, please stay with us until the end of the next article.

Cinnamon is a small island in Lake Kogala near Bentota, one of the southern cities of Sri Lanka. This island has become famous due to the existence of countless cinnamon plantations and has now become one of the destinations of tourists from all over the world.

They have turned this small island into an extraordinary place for tourists. When traveling to Sri Lanka, don’t forget to visit Cinnamon Island.

Address and how to access Cinnamon Island
Bentota city is about 65 kilometers away from Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. To get to Bentota from Colombo airport, you have to drive for two hours. Boat rentals in Bentota will take you to Cinnamon Island.

If you plan to use a rental car to get to Bentota, first get to McCallum Road; then turn on the right side towards the southern highway; Exit at Dudangoda Junction; Then turn right and enter Alutgama-Matogama road. You will reach Colombo Road on the left. After entering Colombo Road and after a short distance, you will reach Madhava Road on the left. By moving along this road, you will reach Cinnamon Island.

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