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How much do you know about North Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus is a collection of natural wonders from beautiful beaches to high mountains and amazing historical attractions and receives more than 5million tourists every year.

The capital of this country is Nicosia and the population is about 400 thousand people and the government is a republic, its language is Turkish and English. The currency of this country is like Turkish Lira

The minimum salary in this country is 10thousand liras per month.

weekly holidays in Cyprus are Saturday and Sunday

The average temperature in this country is 28 degrees in summer and 10/5 degrees in winter.

Mild weather in all seasons:

Cyprus is a Mediterranean island that benefits from relatively good rainfall despite 300 sunny days per year.

Peace and comfort:
The security of Cyprus is exemplary in the whole world and according to the obtained statistics, crime in this country is less than a quarter compared to all European countries And it is the 5th safest country in the world.


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