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Cinnamon Island, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the largest exporter of cinnamon in the world, and Cinnamon Island is located in the south of this country. The age of cinnamon trees in this area reaches over several hundred years. The preparation and production of cinnamon in Cinnamon Island is a family business that has …

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The historical city of Ayutthaya

Thailand is a beautiful and spectacular country full of tourist and historical attractions You can visit one of the historical cities, Ayutthaya, on your trip to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand Join us to learn more about this historical city. The historical city of Ayutthaya The historical city of Ayutthaya …

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Water play festival in Thailand Songkran Festival

Every year there is a festival in Thailand called Songkran. This big celebration is very popular and is held in all cities of Thailand. The importance of Songkran is so great that it is one of the most important official holidays of this country and is one of the most popular national …

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Dubai Global Village

“Global Village Dubai” or “Global Village Dubai” is a large and multicultural theme park that has 26 pavilions from 80 different cultures and includes a large number of shows and concerts, shopping centers, restaurants, etc. In the carnival section, you can also use about 31 exciting games, 25 skill-based games, as …

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Istanbul Bosphorus Strait

Istanbul is one of the beautiful cities of Turkey that has great tourist attractions. The Bosphorus Strait is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Istanbul, and we will further explain the important role of this strait in dividing two continents and its importance. What do you know about the …

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