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How much do you know about North Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus is a collection of natural wonders from beautiful beaches to high mountains and amazing historical attractions and receives more than 5million tourists every year. The capital of this country is Nicosia and the population is about 400 thousand people and the government is a republic, its language is …

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Istanbul Ice Museum

By entering the Istanbul Ice Museum, even in the heat of summer, you can become an Eskimo, step into the North Pole and drink in ice glasses among frozen Vikings. If you want to get to know this magical museum, don’t miss reading the following article. The Ice Museum is one …

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The biggest and most magical ice lake in the world

The experience of walking on the surface of an ice lake, where you can watch the beautiful bubbles in the ice lake under your feet. This is the same incomparable feeling that will bring you while walking on the most unique and amazing ice lake in the world in Baikal, Russia. Don’t …

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The best city in Spain for travel

The best city in Spain for travel: Spain is one of the attractive and spectacular countries and has many wonderful cities to travel to and has managed to attract the attention of many tourists and its cities are the destination of many tourists every year. Here we introduce some of …

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Rose Festival in Bulgaria

The Rose Festival in Bulgaria is the most fragrant festival that you can go to when visiting Bulgaria because Bulgaria has a long history of harvesting roses and the annual Rose Festival, this colorful and fragrant celebration, is about the old tradition of harvesting this flower and its varieties. It …

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Istanbul Bosphorus Strait

Istanbul is one of the beautiful cities of Turkey that has great tourist attractions. The Bosphorus Strait is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Istanbul, and we will further explain the important role of this strait in dividing two continents and its importance. What do you know about the …

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